New Collab for 2D Animators!!!

2017-01-11 21:37:00 by MCQSquare

I want to create a funny collaboration with people who love making small skits.
Your skit can be anything you want!!! And there is no limit to how many entries there can be!!!
If you want to join, here are the rules.....

_Your video has to be less than 30 seconds!
_It has to be funny!
_Your characters can be ANY video game style or it can be stick figures!
_The canvas HAS to be 840x473!
_Put your name at the top_right corner!
_Be creative!
_Send me the fla when you finish!

There's no deadline!!!


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2017-01-12 01:30:30

HOpe your collab will be good. ;D


2017-01-12 01:32:29

Also,i'm a novice animator,i animates stickfigures in my tablet,i cannot join your collab cause all my animations are GIF.

Anyway good work!



2017-01-12 09:50:07

Put me in , i will try my best

MCQSquare responds:

That's great! :)


2017-01-13 01:13:59

Thanks :D , btw what *there*s no deadline supposed to mean xD?

MCQSquare responds:

There's no time limit to this collab video. The reason is some people don't usually see these posts so I give them a lot of time to see it.


2017-01-13 02:41:24

Got it , 1 more question can i use any sprites? like , naruto , goku , pokemon etc ? xD

MCQSquare responds:

Yes, you can.


2017-01-13 08:27:18

I'm really excited to join your collab, but i have two questions:

1. Since i'm new to Newgrounds, how can i send my .fla file to you?

2. Can I only give you 1 .fla, or more?


MCQSquare responds:

1. There's two ways,

You can go to Dumping Grounds, upload your fla there and then pm me the link to it.

Or you can send it to me through email,

2. Well, I needed the fla which has your video. If you have more fla(s) that goes with it, I need that to.


2017-01-13 08:31:31



2017-01-13 08:34:11

so..... a 2016- AHEM* 2017 collab, 2d animation? Well.... I don't know how to do flash. any help?

MCQSquare responds:

I learned animating for 2 years, but there are two channels that teach you how to animate, "spritefan2" and "AlanBeckerTutorials"

"spritefan2" for sprites tutorials

"AlanBeckerTutorials" for stick figure tutorials and other techniques.


2017-01-13 08:40:58

attempting to learn.

MCQSquare responds:

- watch spritefan2's tutorials to learn sprite animations

- watch AlanBeckerTutorials to learn stick figure animations

Get Adobe Flash to start!!!


2017-01-13 22:46:12

Thanks! I'll do my best.


2017-01-22 23:59:15

i ll try to participate
i hope macromedia flash 8 isnt a problem

MCQSquare responds:

It's not. Glad you want to be associated with this collab. :)


2017-02-06 00:00:02

you didnt say anyting about fps
soo i can use 12 or 24?


2017-02-06 00:26:51

im doing this

not finished
what do you think?

MCQSquare responds:

It's alright. I like how you drew it but, how long is your video gonna be?


2017-02-07 01:46:20

was thinking doing it like 5 sec
is that ok or more or less is better?

MCQSquare responds:

I guess 5 seconds is okay, I just need to wait till some people respond to their invite to this collab.